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Habits of High-Performance Recruiters

Posted on 10 April 2019 by Ken Harbourne

During my two-plus-decades working in international recruitment, I’ve come to know the traits of high-performance recruiters. To be clear, when I talk about high-performance recruiters, I mean someone who not only bills big numbers but someone who brings quality to their clients, candidates and their team. Be that in their manner, their methods or their frame of mind.

The best recruiters have a great attitude

The best recruiters that I know have an approach to their work that radiates a positive confidence that is contagious. They are open and, more often than not, they are solution finders.

A great attitude doesn’t always come easily and should never be taken for granted. A good attitude is something that must be worked on proactively. It is something we must stay mindful of during each day. Great recruiters really look into themselves to understand what really motivates them. They understand what impacts their attitude both positively and negatively and they know how to get back on track if something derails them.

Winning recruiters don’t work alone

High-performance agency recruiters know that to work well they need to contribute and collaborate with the wider team. One of our team at Wallace Myers International summed this up nicely as “Be a part not just a passenger”. Everyone in a recruitment office wants to succeed and it is easier to do that together than alone.

They care about people

You could be forgiven for believing that recruitment is a ‘numbers game’ but it’s not just that. It’s about people and all successful recruiters know that. This is something that is woven into the core values that guide us at Wallace Myers, being ethical. We work hard to ensure that everyone we come into contact with has a positive experience. We treat all of our clients and candidates the way we would like to be treated and we firmly believe in common professional courtesy and in giving timely and regular feedback.

They have great focus

High-performance recruiters come into work ready to work. Their focus is valuable but also in demand. The best I have worked know this and they work in a way that allows them to maintain that focus. Good focus is a matter of good planning, clear goals, managing distractions and staying motivated.

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