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LinkedIn FAQs Answered by Recruiters

Posted on 29 October 2019 by Rebecca Dunne

As a recruitment agency in Ireland we are probably biased about the importance of Linkedin for job seekers and professionals. That’s because we already know from our daily use of the platform that LinkedIn is popular with professionals in most Irish industries. However, a 2019 report from Ipsos confirms that 30% of Ireland’s social media users are already active on LinkedIn. Rumor has it, that these users were the quickest country group to adopt LinkedIn’s hashtag feature and the most active user of hashtags on LinkedIn.

If you’re not one of the aforementioned 30%, you may wonder, do you need a LinkedIn profile to find a job. Or, perhaps your wondering what the benefit of LinkedIn is for you if you are not on the lookout for a new job opportunity. Below our staffing team do their best to answer your LinkedIn questions (in as unbiased manner as possible).

Q: Do I need a Linkedin Profile?

A: Our professional opinion is yes.


Q: Why do I need a Linkedin Profile?

A: If you are actively seeking a new job opportunity then a proper LinkedIn profile can do a lot of the work for you. When a recruiter receives a job vacancy from a client, the search for the right candidate begins immediately. Among the many sites, tools and CV databases used by recruitment agencies is LinkedIn. If you want to be found by the hiring manager in your dream company or by recruiters working on their behalf, make sure you can be found where they are looking.


Q: Is LinkedIn only for active job seekers?

A: No. LinkedIn is useful for all professionals, not just for those on the hunt for a new job. It is a powerful networking and learning tool that allows you to reach out to peers whose path would not normally cross with yours.


Q: How Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn?

A: Recruiters and hiring managers can purchase a LinkedIn subscription that gives them increased access to data for search purposes. Along with required job title and location, a recruiter might search by language, employment type (permanent, temp etc) and skills. A recruiter might also filter LinkedIn users by their willingness to relocate or by whether or not they are open to opportunity.


Q: Can Recruiters Reach Out Even If My LinkedIn Doesn’t Say I am Open to Opportunities?

A: Yes. There’s always a chance that a LinkedIn user hasn’t switched on the open to opportunity function because they don’t know how or that they just prefer not to advertise their plans. If a Recruiter thinks that they have a job opportunity that might be of interest, they may reach out and ask you.


Q: How Do I make Sure That I Can Be Found on Linkedin For the Right Types of Jobs?

A: See our blog post about How do you get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn?


Q: Should I connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn?

A: Yes. Our advice though is to only connect with relevant recruiters. If you work in financial services or accounting, for example, there is no point in connecting with a construction recruiter. Search for recruiters by job title and industry, then filter by location.


Q: How do I find jobs on LinkedIn?

A: There are a few ways to find jobs using LinkedIn:

  1. The most obvious is the job search tool. With this tool you can search any jobs that are being advertised on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that not all business advertise on this site, so don’t rely on it as your only source.
  2. You can also follow business and recruitment agencies to see any posts about job opportunities.
  3. You can follow hashtags on LinkedIn. In Ireland, one of the most popular hashtags used for advertising jobs is #jobfairy. Any post using #jobfairy this will be delivered to your home feed once you follow it.
  4. Join LinkedIn groups. To find suitable groups, search LinkedIn for a keyword relevant to your profession e.g HR. Then select more and filter by Groups.
  5. Let the right people know you are looking. Once you are connected with the right Recruiters, don’t be afraid to send them a link to your profile or your CV and ask to be considered for roles they may have. They may or may not have a role that is suitable for you but either way you get on their radar for consideration.

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