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The Benefits Of Being Multilingual In Todays Job Market

Posted on 30 October 2020 by Jade McGhee

In today's job market, the number of job prospects are narrowing as candidates become highly educated and more experienced. Whether you were born into a multilingual family or picked it up at school, the multilingual candidate is growing in demand. Not only is it advantageous for the candidate, but the company will also reap the rewards.

Reaching Into New Markets

As companies penetrate online global markets, a candidate that can communicate internationally is an essential asset. Not only can they grow with your company as they expand into new areas, but they are also important when it comes to communicating with other organisations and managing customer relations. After all, why would you need the added cost of a translator when you have an able employee right at your fingertips.

Supported By Science 

According to the National Institute of Health, someone who grows up learning another language will find it easy to switch between tasks. While Cognition, a scientific journal demonstrates that they are one step ahead when making decisions. Fast-paced work environments can throw something new at you every day. So it is a beneficial asset to have a multi-tasker who is quick to make decisions in hectic times.

Pick Up A Side Job

With the added expertise of another language, you can pick up a side job. Translating online can be a promising money earner or, in your spare time you could tutor, all in the comfort of your own home. A lot of people want to learn a new language at a later age or, parents want their children to speak other languages to benefit their future, so there will always be a demand.

Bridging Social And Cultural Gaps In The Work Place 

If your workplace includes people from all over the world there can be language barriers. Having a range of spoken languages in your work community can bridge social and cultural gaps. "Many bilinguals say they feel like a different person when they speak their other language". So, having someone who can fully understand them and get their personality will make a more comfortable and inclusive work surrounding. It's also valuable for employees as they can embrace different cultures and adapt their communication skills.

Right now, there are job openings all over Ireland for Sales Managers, Customer Support and Account Managers that require you to be multilingual.

Darren, head of our Multilingual division, brings nearly a decade of recruitment experience to benefit his clients and candidates. For more than 8 years, Darren has specialised in recruiting for multilingual roles.

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