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Workplace Wellness at Wallace Myers International

Posted on 10 April 2018 by Rebecca Dunne

This Friday, 13th April, marks National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 in Ireland, a day we couldn't be happier to support at Wallace Myers International. Workplace wellness is in our DNA because we believe that a healthy team is a happy team.

The benefits we offer our employees include these 8 options all orientated to helping our team stay healthy and active:

• A well-being allowance for their gym membership, yoga classes or any other activity they can think of that relates to wellbeing.

• Paid private healthcare.

• A sport and social allowance to spend on social events such as bowling, trampolining, climbing, cinema clubs (sometimes wellness means taking time to relax).

• Fresh fruit available for all that want it, making it easier for us all to get our 5-a-day.

• On-site quarterly professional massages. Heaven!

• Bike to work scheme.

• One-to-one consultations with a corporate nutritional therapist. Including a 12-week programme of personalised advice and guidance to help our staff improve and maintain their overall health and well-being.

• Annual full health screen.

Starting on Friday - National Workplace Wellbeing Day - we are challenging our team to Add A Mile to their week. Either as a one-off or to kick-start a healthy weekly habit. It’s a simple idea inspired by the Lunchtime Mile – we’re not all runners here so we needed to come up with other options. Here’s how you can Add A Mile too:

• If you commute by bus or Luas, get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way.
• If you already walk in, walk an extra mile by doing a lap of the park/canal* at lunch
• If you cycle in, walk or cycle an extra mile by doing a lap of the park/canal at lunch
• If you drive in, walk an extra mile by doing a lap of the park/canal at lunch

It’s really that simple!

p.s. Another perk we have is that everyone at Wallace Myers International gets their birthday off as an extra day on top of their annual leave because - happiness = wellness! If you like the sound of the benefits above, come work with us!

*We work near a canal, feel free to improvise if you don't.

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Workplace Wellness at Wallace Myers International
Workplace Wellness at Wallace Myers International
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