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Download: Returning to work after a prolonged break

The 3 main banana skins and 3 concrete steps you can use to overcome them.

Women’s Day 2018

Around Ireland, women are banding together to support, inspire and create their own and each other’s careers. In honour of Women's Day 2018, we have rounded up some of our team’s favourite networking groups and events and inspiration.

Legal Secretaries needed

We are actively recruiting Legal Sectaries with 1 – 5 years’ experience for vacancies in the following areas...

Our Pendulum Summit Takeaways

This week, we brought some of our team to Pendulum Summit 2018 at the convention centre Du...

Are you ready for a career change?

A staggering 70% of people feel they are in the wrong career

How to Attract and Attain Top Talent for Your Team

More than ever, job seekers are interviewing and scrutinising prospective employers.

Moving Back to Ireland

It’s a great time for our skilled and home sick expats to move back to Ireland.

Ten Common Job Seeker Mistakes

Gavin Tonks shares his top ten tips to help you avoid pitfalls during job search.

Losing a job and finding a vocation

Ken Harbourne tells Sean Gallagher how he lost a job and found vocation.

The returned growth of the Irish retail industry

How growth in retail impacts the Irish jobs market

5 Simple Tips to Get your CV Noticed

From your CV layout to listing your achievements.

Candidate Experience vs Hiring Success

has the candidate experience improved in 2016?