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How To Reward Employees In A Dislocated Environment

Posted on 15 October 2020 by Jade McGhee and Anthony Shanks

The implementation of working from home for the foreseeable future has meant that rewarding employees for their achievements has taken a back seat to the notion of employee support.

Big companies such as Facebook gave $1,000 to all employees during the pandemic, while Google let employees expense up to $1,000 of office equipment for their homes. So with 58% of employees believing that recognition improves their work engagement, it is vital that companies who don't have big pockets to dig into focus on adapting their reward schemes in line with the new remote culture.

Recognising and rewarding employees

When making a reward scheme, it is important to understand why rewards are important. Recognising your employees in agreement with your company values will enhance workplace culture, something that can be lost in the virtual world without the camaraderie of the office. Rewarding your employees used to come in the form of after-work drinks or a team lunch but now the most you will see is a group zoom call. In changing times, employees are evaluating themselves and how much of an asset they are. Adapting your rewards to help professional development not only helps employees feel invested in but it will also benefit your business due to a higher skilled personnel. Informing them of free online courses or paying for further training along with hampers, lunch vouchers or bottles of wine may be a new way forward for reward schemes. Retaining your employees through recognition and rewards ultimately means your employees are more experienced and can promote your brand confidently.

Reconnecting with your team

One thing that people are missing right now is the social aspect of coming into work. Talking about how your weekend went or bouncing new ideas off each other. An online zoom call can have a disconnect if your employees are feeling unmotivated and dislocated as a team. It is important to reconnect with your team like they are new employees just getting to know your brand, after all this is unknown territory. Arrange lunch zoom calls where you pay for their lunch or a virtual after-work happy hour, where you send out the drinks, so employees can relax and socialise. Working and cooking are not compatible so when employees work in the evening, recognise this with a meal. It is important to have weekly meetings and talk about work goals and targets, however in an environment where it can be hard to turn off from work, engage with your teammates and feel connected again. That in itself is a reward.

Communication is key

Talk to your employees and get to know them, how would they like to be recognised or which company activities interest them. A strong rewards program will be tailored towards the wants of your associates while keeping in mind your company values. Although, at the end of the day a simple gesture such as thank you can go a long way to make someone feel appreciated.

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