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Resources For Workplace Wellness

Posted on 29 January 2020

It is always important to look after the wellness of our teams and ourselves. During the dark and cold month that is January in Ireland, it can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to eating healthily and taking care of ourselves. Below are 5 resources to help with workplace wellness, health and nutrition.

The HSE little things website has free posters that can be downloaded to display in the workplace. The Little things site also offers advice for caring for our mental health.


In Ireland, Zevo is holding a free breakfast briefing at the Alex Hotel, Dublin 2 on the 14th February (be sure to book a place). Topics will include:
• Bringing your whole self to work
• Becoming a mental health workplace champion
• Returning to work after mental health issues

Culture Amp has developed a guide to wellbeing. This guide aims to help you develop a wellbeing strategy and overcome the challenges of implementing your program. It is available on the Culture Amp website here.

In the UK, ETS are holding a Wellbeing in the Workplace Course in Exeter. The one-day course will explore the health and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation. This course is designed to promote positive working cultures and highlight the risks and warning signs of poor mental health and strategies for support.

Lastly, We all know how easy it is for sugary treats to sneak into the office culture, the odd birthday cake here, icecreams in the summer, doughnuts just because! Thankfully, ODPH in Canada has come up with a checklist and guidelines for encouraging healthy eating in the workplace. Download Healthy Eating in the Workplace Checklist here.


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