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EVENT: Public Practice Open Day

Thursday, June 20th. Email enquiries@wallacemyers.ie [REF: OPEN]

The Importance of Feedback for The Candidates You Don’t Hire

With employment levels so high the balance of power has flipped. It is now 100% an employe...

Cope Galway are seeking a new HR Resource Manager

Our friends in Cope Galway are now hiring a Human Resource Manager.

Continued Growth For Wallace Myers Czech

This month, the Wallace Myers International Czech office welcomed two new team members.Klá...

Testimonials: What our Clients Say About Us

We are focused on providing a full and quality service to all our candidates and clients. Here are some of the most recent reviews they have kindly offered us.

10 Contract Roles in Dublin, Galway and Wexford

Now hiring for these contract roles across engineering, HR...

Habits of High-Performance Recruiters

The best recruiters that I know have an approach to their work that radiates...

Wallace Myers Life Science Recruitment Office in Cork

The office in Cork city centre will serve the growing demand for Life Science Engineers in Ireland.

How To Maintain Your Focus in Recruitment

Careers in recruitment are fast paced and high pressured. Distractions are plentiful and so the rewards can be too.

How to use your language skills to boost your career opportunities

As of January 2019, more than two-hundred-thousand people were employed by the multinational sector in Ireland.

Balance for Better

Wishing you all a happy International Women’s Day!

Salary Increase Articles – Content without Context or Fake News?

Lack of context causes frustration for employees who do not receive the ‘average salary increase’ that they have read about.