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5 Simple Tips to Get your CV Noticed

Posted on 13 October 2016 by Gareth Little

On a daily basis, recruiters review a high volume of CVs and the reality is that they spend a very short period of time reading the CV in order to identify if the applicant is suitable for this particular vacancy or any other roles. Having been at both ends of the spectrum of the hiring process, as a candidate and now a recruiter, I have become aware of what types of CVs catch recruiters’ and employers’ attention and what mistakes job searchers tend to make. Below are a few brief points to keep in mind.

Quick CV tips: 5 simple tips to improve your CV

Tip 1:

Layout – Layout is important as it provides the overall impression of your CV. Be sure to spend time on your presentation and format. Proofread your CV or ask a friend to proofread in order to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Ensure that it’s a clear layout; use a simple font and uniform spacing. If it is easy to read, people will tend to read it!

Tip 2:

Job titles – if your job title is not ‘run-of-the-mill’ use a job title that is recognisable e.g. ‘Finance Administrator would become Accounts Assistant – Finance.’ Accentuating your job title and making it clear will get people to read the duties you perform.

Tip 3:

Company details - Make it easy for the reader to see the relevance. If you don’t work for a well-known company or brand, give an outline of the company and what it does, e.g. ‘Medium sized Property Company servicing both residential and commercial units.’

Tip 4:

Research – Spend time reading job advertisements and looking for roles that match the positions you have done in your past or a position that you would like to do. Be sure to pay special attention to the terminology used in the job description and then use this terminology in your own CV in order to capture the reader’s attention.

Tip 5:

Achievements – everyone has achievements! Dedicate a small section below each role to highlight your achievements in each position. If you don’t have any work achievements, then include academic, personal or sports achievements.
These are 5 quick and simple tips to get your CV noticed and placed in the right ‘place-able candidates’ pile for recruiters! However, if you want the most from your job search and CV and more information regarding a particular position, the best opportunity would be to contact and speak to a consultant directly.

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