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LinkedIn FAQs Answered by Recruiters

Perhaps your wondering what the benefit of LinkedIn is for you if you are not on the lookout for a new job opportunity.

Career Planning Tips for HR Professionals

Steps to grow and future proof your career in HR.

10 Steps To Get Recruiters To Notice You on LinkedIn

Recruiters and hiring managers alike use LinkedIn to find suitable professional candidates

The Pros and Cons of Long and Short Notice Periods

When a staff member hands in their resignation is it worth having a person who has mentally ‘checked-out’ hanging around?

Four Steps to Future Proof Productivity and Employee Well-Being

Prioritising employee well-being

My Summer Experience Being Part of Ireland’s Recruitment Industry

With the summer starting to wrap-up, my internship is also coming to a close

Three very common job seeking mistakes and how to avoid them

These will slow your progress when it comes to finding a new job.

Frequently asked CV questions

Conflicting CV advice is rife. Here's our professional opinion on what makes a good CV.

The Importance of Feedback for The Candidates You Don’t Hire

With employment levels so high the balance of power has flipped. It is now 100% an employe...

Continued Growth For Wallace Myers Czech

This month, the Wallace Myers International Czech office welcomed two new team members.Klá...

Testimonials: What our Clients Say About Us

We are focused on providing a full and quality service to all our candidates and clients. Here are some of the most recent reviews they have kindly offered us.

Habits of High-Performance Recruiters

The best recruiters that I know have an approach to their work that radiates...