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My Tips on how to stand out on LinkedIn.

Posted on 04 August 2016 by Lorcan Deegan

The benefits of maintaining and keeping in touch with your connections on LinkedIn are huge. I have looked at some ways candidates can give themselves the best chance of being noticed and have come up with and found some useful information.

Having a full detailed profile with your background and experience is vital. Getting your profile to that All-Star level will give you the best chance possible of being noticed.
The more someone knows about you, the more attractive you could be to a potential new employer.

Top Tips

  • Profiles with photos are 10 times more likely to be viewed by recruiters
  • Remember LinkedIn is a professional network, not a social networking site.
  • Sometimes a recruiter may only take a split second at your profile- Use the headline to get what you want across.
  • Try to show your personality. - Hobbies, interests.
  • Educational background, volunteer work etc. Be sure to have it mentioned, as you never know what you have in common with the person viewing your profile.
  • Like, share and comment on posts, it will help get you noticed as you will appear more in your connection’s feeds.

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A useful poster to improve your profile

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