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Our Pendulum Summit Takeaways

Posted on 12 January 2018 by Career Support at Wallace Myers International

This week, we brought some of our team to Pendulum Summit 2018 at the convention centre Dublin. We were lucky to hear from some of the world’s leading business, sport and performance leaders.

Back in the office this morning, all we could talk about was the incredible stories the speakers shared and who we learned the most from.

Here are our key takeaways from Pendulum Summit 2018


How you use your time was a recurring theme with many of the speakers. Richard Branson recommends that you learn to delegate so you can focus on the big ideas and plans for your business. “Too many entrepreneurs cling on to every single little detail for too long. It makes them ill, it ruins relationships, they don’t keep fit and healthy, and they get bogged down with the minutiae so they are no longer pushing the company forward,” says Branson.


Rugby favourite Paul O’Connell also suggested, "Instead of trying to go hard forward all time, take some time to access what you are doing".


Like Wallace Myers International, many of the speakers put value into the importance of a positive work culture.

Branson suggests that “Just like a flower when it’s watered, people flourish when praised". Marci Shimoff recommended giving specific examples when offering praise, "Tell someone why you appreciate them, not just that you do appreciate them... ".

The importance of a positive work culture was echoed by Brad Sugars, “If the people, the human beings in your organisation don’t grow the business can’t grow. You don’t build your company, the people do.”

Whilst James Cann said, "Surround yourself with people who are better than you or as good as you, that way you can be confident when you delegate".


Much of the inspiration gleaned over the last two days was from the relatable life stories of some of the speakers. The entire Pendulum Summit audience were enthralled by Baroness Mone and Jo Malone MBE, both of who built their success with little more than determination.

"The less money you have the more creative you become, that is a fact, because you're determined," said Baroness Mone of Mayfair (Michelle Mone) who launched her Ultimo bra line with only £500.

How did Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE get to be as successful as she has? “We all have our knocks but if we don’t get up and dust ourselves down, we won’t be able to fly high and keep going.” And, “I never take no for an answer”.


Branson also told the thousands of delegates gathered that he starts every day with a game of tennis or by going surfing. Advocating exercise and fun to get your energy pumping for the day.

Happiness was a recurring theme at the two-day event, with Paul O’Connell suggesting, "Figure out what makes you happy and what makes you good at your job and plan your week around that".


Scheduling in time to be inspired and creative was advocated by more than one of the thought leaders at Pendulum Summit 2018.

How would you like to work from a hammock on a beach? Richard Branson says he sometimes does because it allows him to switch off and daydream, which in turn can lead to new ideas.

Jo Malone was in agreement that taking time out to let yourself come up with ideas and be inspired is important, telling the summit to “Invest in the currency of creativity”.

"The hackathons changed my life, I encourage you guys to throw a hackathon. It's crazy what can happen when you put your phone down for an hour and let creativity take over", said Randi Zuckerberg.


Something Branson, Mone and Malone appear to have in bucket loads is self-belief. Whether or not that comes naturally remains to be seen, but what is clear is that (natural or otherwise) it has been vital for each of them.

“To be at your best every day you’ve got to genuinely like yourself, accept this is who you are and stop being self-critical, and feel really confident in what you do!”, advised Martyn Newman

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Dr Bob Rotella asked, “Why is it easy to believe in your doubts and doubt your beliefs?” and went on to add, "Greatness is in everyone. Fear and doubt distort your vision and disable your attitude. Spend your life convincing yourself you can, you will”.

Finishing off the event with a perfume cocktail (made using water supplied by Wallace Myers International to keep the speakers hydrated and happy), Jo Malone summarised, "Make sure you stay true to yourself, that way you will be happiest. Trust your gut".


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