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Two Tips To Help You Hire Better

Posted on 22 January 2019

1. Give Job Context to Candidates

When you are planning to recruit new team members it is critical that you give a full brief to whichever channel you use to recruit, whether that be your human resources manager, in-house recruiter, or an external recruitment agency.

Most line managers make the mistake of simply writing out a basic job overview and pushing it through their hiring channels hoping for success. The truth is that this type of job descriptions are really only 10% of what you need to successfully fill a position. A job description has to include the important information that today’s candidate looks for.

What candidates want most is to understand the context of the opportunity. For example, why someone would want to join your organisation? What are the progression opportunities? Does this opportunity fit their needs and their career plan?

To help candidates understand more about the context of the role it is critical that the hiring manager gives as much information as possible to the recruitment agency so that they have a full and detailed brief to guide them.

2. Engage and Qualify Earlier

In the life of a recruiter or hiring manager, candidate fall-off is an unfortunate reality. You think you have someone for the job only to find that they have pulled out of the hiring process at the last minute. The bad news is that this will happen time and again unless you qualify better. The good news is that through engaging and qualifying it can be minimised.

Something that goes wrong all the time is not engaging with a candidate thoroughly and therefore not qualifying them on salary and benefits. For example, a candidate who is already earning €60,000 a year may apply for your job which has an advertised salary range of €50,000 - €60,000 but realistically, how likely is it that this candidate will take the same amount of money and move job? It is risky to have this candidate in your process as they are highly likely to decide to stay in their comfort zone or accept a counter offer.

Start qualifying early in the process, understand what it is that your candidate needs from a new role that will make them want to move out of their comfort zone.

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