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We are fortunate to have a team of genuine, collaborative and helpful people. We offer all of our team members career development support through our mentoring programme and professional training.

Our steadfast ‘Ethics First’ approach means that we treat everyone with respect. Our team of top-class professionals support clients, candidates and each other with an energy and sincerity that cannot be matched elsewhere.

To maintain and build Wallace Myers International's exciting and progressive work environment, we only hire career recruiters and those with the highest professional standards.

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Reasons we are the Recruitment Industry's most attractive employer:

1. Our Core Beliefs

  • We have a steadfast ‘Ethics First’ approach. Treating everyone we come in contact with as we would like to be treated.
  • We believe in the value of doing even the most basic things right. Be it returning calls or giving timely feedback to candidates, respect is central to who we are.
  • We offer genuine quality and add sustainable value to our clients' businesses through our world class operating model and by hiring great people (like you).
  • We believe sustainable business is about building lasting relationships. We never compromise just to make a quick buck.
  • Recruitment is a great career and it is our firm belief that we are here to make a difference, changing the course of people’s careers and the fortunes of our client organisations for the better.

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2. Our Culture

  • Professional: We have a professional work environment employing only people with the highest professional standards, who are serious about their careers.
  • Empowering: Our approach is supportive and enabling. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals, so we can achieve ours.
  • No Silly KPIs: You will not be KPI’d to death at Wallace Myers. 
  • Social: We have quarterly company events, regular nights out, team building activities and continuous group incentive reward schemes.  Follow us on Instagram to see pictures from our celebrations!
  • Quality: Our standards are very high and the quality of our people will help you raise your professional game even higher.
  • Rewarding: You are rewarded for 100% of what you deserve. There is no barrier to success or promotion outside of your ability and effort.

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3. Our People

  • Great Colleagues: We only hire the most genuine, collaborative and quality focussed people. So you will be in good company.
  • Staying Power: We have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry. Our recruiters are professional ‘Career Recruiters’, in it for the long haul.
  • Established: You will join a close-knit team of winners who have already built a successful multi-million euro recruitment business from scratch and developed a who’s who list of top global clients.
  • Progressive: Our team members are always learning and improving to maintain their high standards of knowledge and service.

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4. Your Rewards

  • Commission: The simplest and most lucrative commission structure in the industry.  You will earn a lot more at Wallace Myers International.
  • Progression: Wallace Myers International is both established and rapidly expanding. This means, for you, there are literally unlimited progression opportunities.

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5. Our Support

  •  A full-time, inhouse, marketing team to help drive your business forward.
  • Advertising budget: All of our consultants have access to external and internal CV databases and a generous allocation of job slots on all of the main job boards.
  • Database: We have the world’s most popular database.
  • Repeat custom from major clients and PSLs.
  • Mentoring programme with your talented and experienced colleagues.
  • We have a strong administrative support function to help you focus on placing great people.

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6. Great Mentors

  • Our management team, including the MD, are hands-on billers, not just talkers.
  • Our model is based on best global practice, therefore, you will be working with and learning from the best in the international recruitment industry.
  • You will learn world-class techniques and processes that no other agency can offer. Giving you a major competitive edge.
  • We offer formal structured training both in-house and externally.

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7. Your Ideas

  • Defining who we are: You have the opportunity to play a central role in the future shape, culture and development of Wallace Myers International.  We encourage the whole team to take ownership of their ideas and the implementing them.
  • Peer contribution: If you have got ideas for the business, we want to hear them. The whole team is encouraged to get involved and help improve upon our model even more.

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8. Giving Back

We support a number of charities, including JOBCARE who offer services and courses for people who are unemployed. 

The Wallace Myers International team are proud community supporters and volunteers and regularly donate their time, skills and sometimes blood, to help others!

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